Ambition for Sport Clubs Management

Ambition for Sport Clubs Management is a modern day sports and sports clubs management service provider based in Abu Dhabi, UAE established in 2016 to cater to all sports and sports needs in the country.

Following suit of what the UAE has set for sports care and support in the country; we’ve designed all our services to cater to all sports needs and activities. Our services include organizing various sports activities such as championships, festivals, training camps and workshops. We also work on running and managing different sports venues such as stadiums, auditoriums and gyms as well as establishing and running sports academies.

Through careful planning and close friendships, we believe the state of sports in the UAE can be elevated to new heights granting everyone from the people, athletes and to the federations a sense of accomplishment that is a corner stone of a better and happier society.

Our team is comprised of professional and fully capable individuals, trained and educated up to the highest sports standards starting with planning and moving to execution and ending with reporting and projected results.

Our mission is to be the most creative and shine in the field of sports championship and events organization as well as managing sports institutes on both the local and the regional scene through our unique and professional service packages.

Our mission is to raise the sports sector to new heights as well as providing new and modern sports facilities to broaden the sports community an achieve more both locally and internationally.

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