Organizing sports events

Through our experience, our team has managed to lay down carefully planned strategies that allow us to offer the best results with the highest quality in the sports events management field:

Sports championships management

We offer our various services in the management and hosting of sports championships as well as various sports events starting with planning, publicity and then execution and management on the ground all done up to the highest standards and rates of professionalism.

Sports festivals organization

We also plan, organize and manage different sports festivals with the sponsorships from various committees and entities from both the private and government sectors by providing a full managerial team that specializes in managing sports events that works around the clock to insure the success of the event and reaping the best results.

Workshops & training programs

This service offers a complete coverage of all the needs for hosting training programs and workshops to spread sports awareness and culture and to develop new experts.

Our Services

Ambition for Sport Clubs Management believes in bringing sports to the community as a whole. We believe that incorporating a well formed sports culture into different aspects of our daily lives will have a unique and enormous effect on the society and the people.

Sports Development & Social Responsibility

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